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About us.

We are just normal people (well, you know what I mean). Everyday I wake up and think, "What in the world? Why us, Jesus? Why here?" But that's not where it know, in my bedroom in an apartment in Mozambique. It all started in Arkansas, at the University of Central Arkansas. There Matt and I were a part of Chi Alpha, a movement of college students. Being in a family of young adults pushing us to go deeper with Jesus changed us dramatically and eternally. It turned soccer star, smarty pants, haughty head Matt into a humble guy who wanted to see people find true purpose and grace in Jesus. It turned commitment-issues, child-abused, arrogant me into a compassionate girl who knew that anything was possible with a loving Father.  

After graduating college--Matt with degrees in philosophy and English and me with a degree in psychology--we decided we wanted to be in college forever. (Yikes, right?) So we became staff at Chi Alpha UCA for three years in preparation for beginning the same type of movement in Mozambique, a nation where nothing like Chi Alpha existed. We didn't think it was fair that future leaders of such a struggling nation weren't getting the same kind of discipleship we had received and which had so marked us. 

In January of 2014, after nine months in Portugal for language school, we arrived in Africa. The dreams we had for Mozambique during our college days are now becoming a reality as we see the gospel being proclaimed everyday on 30 campuses and see our ministry center filled daily with student leaders who want more for their friends and their futures--not more as in "things," but more as in "on Earth as it is in Heaven." 

It's happening. Please pray with us that the spiritual darkness here will be overcome by light and that corruption will no longer take the futures, even the lives, of so many. Believe with us that these students--who will be the next lawyers, doctors, leaders, even president--will instill Christ-like principles into their nation. 

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Obrigado, estamos juntos. Thank you, we are together.