United Nations' Assessment of Mozambique


The United Nations has created a new way of evaluating the development of a country based on multiple factors, such as life expectancy (health), educational attainment (education), and income (standard of living). By using their big brains, they are able to distill the muti-faceted nature of a country's current state into one statistic ; they call it the Human Development Index. This way of looking at countries allows for a more complex, nuanced assessment, rather than the narrow mindedness of the old standby, the country's economic growth.  

Of the 187 countries evaluated, Mozambique is listed at 184, ranking lower than the Sudan, Burma, and Afghanistan; people in Somalia live longer than Mozambicans! 

Mozambique only has 2 doctors for every 100,000 people.

82% of Mozambique lives on less than 2 dollars a day .

Mozambique's average life expectancy is what most Americans consider their prime.

The justice of God demands that something be done. His thoughts are for the poor and the oppressed. He hears the voiceless, sees their sorrows, he feels their pain, has walked in their darkness. Without a doubt the best thing we can give Mozambique is redeemed leaders who are walking hand in hand with Christ, allowing Him to lead their nation out of the bondage and oppression of the enemy's embrace. Jesus is king over Mozambique, and we plan to help give him his throne!