With All The Bad In The World, Here's Some Good News (& a sneak peEk!)

Here's some good news and a look (video below) at the new space! The training center is downtown on the 4th floor in a cool old building. It's so art deco and I L-O-V-E it.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, read How Buying a Chair Can Change the World!

So here it is, GOOD news!

There are only a hand-full of campuses left in the city where we don't have a presence. Get this: one of those universities rents the whole floor below our new space for classrooms!

Amazing right!??

After almost two years of looking, the place we find is above a campus we have been praying for! It won't take long for us to build relationships and start bible study groups. Please pray for us to meet people of peace at UDM. 

More good news...

A couple of you have committed $10, $25, and even $60 a month to make this new training center a reality! 

THANK YOU and I hope you know we mean it. 

We only need 10 people to commit $60 a month and we will have the rest of the monthly expenses (rent, water, electric, internet and a guard) covered! 

Lots of you have blown us away with your purchase of chairs!!! One family bought a chair for each person in their family and committed to pray together for the people who sit in them. Such an amazing idea. 

We even had a church give towards renovation costs! You can say bye-bye to this bathroom. Oh how I wish scratch and sniff worked via the internet, ha!

It's not too late, you can still be a part! Join our support team or buy a chair for $10!

I keep tearing up as I type this, because GOD IS MOVING IN MOZAMBIQUE!!! This space is going to be a beacon of light in a world of darkness and you make it possible. We really can't say thank you enough. 

Cedar and Allison (our new team member) in the new training center!

Pull Up a Seat: How Buying a Chair Can Change the World

Pull up a seat, I need to tell you something. Or rather, I need to tell you that I haven't been telling you everything. Here's the truth: There is so much good going on in Mozambique that I couldn't possibly write enough newsletters or blog posts to contain it all.

Matt's attempt at an artistic pic of our living room. :)

Matt's attempt at an artistic pic of our living room. :)

Our apartment is a reflection of all that good: It's full. There just isn't enough space in our home to hold the growth that is happening on the college campuses of Maputo, Mozambique. 

We are still looking for land to buy, but in the meantime we found the perfect place to rent. It's kinda industrial (read: "needs a little TLC") with tall windows and a HUGE open area perfect for worship nights (which currently meet outside), leadership meetings, Bible studies. We can even sleep teams or interns there...the possibilities are endless!

My favorite part about this space will be having it available for students to come pray! (Maybe not a 24 hour prayer room for safety reasons, but like a 10 and a half hour prayer room...kidding, we'll come up with a good non-time based name.)

As well as being a space for our current students, we are starting an internship next year for Americans and Mozambicans (really anybody) with the sole purpose of sending missionaries out to plant campus movements all over Africa. See, I'm finally getting to the change-the-world part.

CAN YOU IMAGINE?! That space will be a training center for campus ministries all over Africa!

But we need your help.

If you are not already on our team, would you consider giving $60 a month to help cover rental costs of the training center? Matt and I are committing to the first $60 a month ourselves.

If you are on our team, THANK YOU!

Can you believe that in just a couple of years your investment has helped begin ministry on 28 campuses??? Each student that fills our house every week has a unique story of how they met Jesus or were changed because of what we do here, and you make that happen!

And one more request: We will need cash to renovate and furnish our new space.

Would you please consider buying a chair for $10? I am giddy just imagining this new training center full of college students studying the word in all the chairs that you guys purchased.  

FYI: I love interior design. That place is going to be beautiful--the space, the people filling it, and the people who made it possible. 

Thank you, friends! I can't wait to show you pictures of the space and to update you as things progress. And thank you for taking the time to read this and to pray for us. It's encouraging to know we aren't here alone. 

Oh, and P.S. this was kind of a teaser post. I will be sharing some of our students stories over the next couple of weeks...they are the ones you are helping to change the world.