The Unfinished Task

Today I ran across this quote from Arthur Glasser that summarizes how much work there still is to do for the Gospel. 

"If every congregation in the world were to undergo a great revival and reach out to every person within their own people- that is, to everyone in the cultural spheres represented by each congregation- over half of all remaining non-Christians would still not be reached." 

So even if every church started batting 100% with their outreach, we would only cut halfway into the population of the unreached. That means there are many cultures that need to be engaged with the renewing message of Christ. The university is an extremely strategic mission field to reach the unreached both here in the states and overseas. At UCA, where Andrea and I have been for the last 8 years, we have seen students from some of the hardest to reach people groups become involved in the ministry and give their lives to Christ. We are then able to see them back to their homes as reverse missionaries. 

Africa has almost 1,000 unreached people groups. We are convinced that reaching, and then sending redeemed, spirit-filled, indigenous students back to their home towns, and into other universities across Africa will exponentially accelerate the advance of the gospel into some of the hardest to reach locations and people groups. 


These are the faces that will most effectively spread the Gospel throughout Africa.