Cedar's 1st Adventure

We are incredibly blessed to be from the ARK. Our wonderful leadership decided it would be a great idea to bring all the missionaries back home to help celebrate the centennial of the Assemblies of God in Arkansas. This decision, paired with the fact that Cedar came 2.5 weeks early meant that we wouldn't miss the celebration, and that we would be able fly home for a couple of weeks. God is the God of miracles, and we don't need to shortchange him whenever he does incredible things; sometimes he divinely heals diseases, and sometimes he divinely arranges babies to be born early, and emergency passports to be issued so that spoiled missionaries can show off the new member of their family. Oh the stories we have just trying to get our little sonic tater tot a passport. We have a great father! Imagine all the elated faces of weary grandparents when they found out they would be able to meet the bundle of giggles so soon. Without further ado, allow me to present the first voyage of Cedar, photographic edition!