gifts that give

Every year Matt and I talk about ways to make Christmas more about Christ, and less about us, although, to be honest, we don't always follow through with our plans. This year we prayed about what God would have us to do, and it has been fun being obedient. That being said, I wanted to do a post that would help/challenge you to find fun ways to bring Christ's heart into your holiday. There are, of course, tons of things you could do, so I'm just going to focus on gifts that give. Here's a list of three of my favorites. Feel free to posts links to your favorites or ideas in the comments section. Happy Giving!

1. Invisible Children focuses completely on the Lord’s Resistance Army conflict. Since 1987 the LRA has been abducting, killing, and displacing civilians in East and central Africa. Invisible Children uses a model that addresses the problem in its entirety, immediate needs and long-term effects, through media, mobilization, protection and recovery. Below, you'll see their awesome jewelry made in East Africa to help sustain the work there.


2. Each week at Sevenly there is a new cause represented by shirt, hoodie, and bag designs. As you like the cause on Facebook and make purchases, Sevenly keeps tabs on what money they've raised, and how much the word is getting out about, for example, Child Sex Trafficking.

3. Now, for all you central Arkansas peeps...Pitza 42 is a restaurant in Conway, AR, which I dearly pray will be wide spread throughout the US, that donates a meal to a malnourished child for every meal you buy...hence the 42. A gift card to Pitza 42 would make a great gift.