prayer please.

The past couple of months have flown by in a swirl of emotion and to do lists. Everything is changing around us; it's so good, and so scary. I (Andrea) need prayer. I've been pulling away from people, which is something I started doing as a kid after my brother, sister, and I had to die to half our family. One day they were our cousins, aunts, Memaw, Dad, and the day next they weren't. No seeing them. No talking to them. I feel like that's what's happening to me again. When we leave, will my family and friends forget I exist? Will I forget them? Isn't it easier to shut them out now? I've been trying to drag myself out of this place, but every time I see the precious faces of my loved ones, I get a twinge of anxiety that I'm going to relive my childhood family hurt. I know this isn't what missionaries are supposed to tell you, but this is what I'm really feeling right now. Do I still want to move to Mozambique? Yes. With all my being. I just need you to fight with me. The enemy knows my scars, he put them there, but they don't have to debilitate me. My God is bigger. Pray for me, please.

On a happy note: Don't our presents look cute?